Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics are applied to restore the lost teeth and oral tissues to the patient to regain aesthetics, speech and function.

Fixed dental prostheses; Crown restorations that include some or all of the teeth are made. In cases where one or more teeth are missing, the prostheses are bridge prostheses, in which the teeth on both sides of the gap are downsized and used as support bases.

Zirconium prostheses are highly resistant, biocompatible, durable and aesthetic resections. The fact that zirconium oxide is a material close to natural tooth color and is resistant to force has made its use widespread.

Empress crowns: They are restorations with high aesthetic properties, consisting entirely of ceramic, without the use of metal or zirconium infrastructure, with increased durability and very good light transmittance.

Laminate restorations:  It is obtained by gluing leaf-shaped porcelains as a result of minimal abrasion of the tooth surface in order to treat the shape, color, form and size disorders of the teeth.

What is implant supported crown?

Implant support crowns are made by taking support from implants instead of natural teeth.

Fixed prostheses on implant: In the absence of teeth, it is supported by the implants to prevent damage to the adjacent healthy teeth.

Removable prostheses on implants: It is performed with 2, 3 or 4 implants in patients with no teeth. It is supported by both implants and tissue. The problem of dislocation of the prosthesis is eliminated.

Hybrid prostheses: With the widespread use of implant technology, patients using removable prostheses have the comfort of switching to fixed prosthesis. Hybrid dentures are dentures that cannot be removed by the patient and can be removed by the dentist when necessary.

If you are experiencing one of the complaints mentioned in the article or if you want your teeth to look more aesthetic, you can benefit from the methods used in prosthetic dental treatment, so you can have an aesthetic smile. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information. You can make an appointment with our clinic doctors and be examined.

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