Ay*** N***

 Thanks to Dr Tolga, I fearlessly survived the implant, which I was afraid to have because I was afraid of the pain. There was absolutely no pain or swelling afterward. As a result of the controls, it was confirmed that the implant was successful. I was very satisfied with my treatment and care. Good luck to my doctor Tolga.

Öz*** Ya***

A dental health center that gives importance to hygiene, where you are informed in detail about the treatment method, you are treated by friendly and expert physicians, and every detail is considered for your children.

At*** Ba***

First, I had my dental calculus cleaned. My dr Tolga’s hand is really light. He did my job in a way that would give me confidence and expert in his job without making me feel at all. Thank you so much. Afterwards, we made an appointment again next week for teeth whitening.

Ha*** Gü***

I visited Simyadent for teeth whitening. I had office-style bleaching and then whitening continued at home with a plaque. I was very pleased, it turned white. Thank you!

Se*** Du***

I had teeth whitening done, and after having it done at the clinic, I continued to wear plaques at home. I was very satisfied. I suggest

Al*** Ya***

I had my upper front teeth capped, it was very natural and beautiful. They scanned with digital methods and it was placed 2 days later. My smile has changed, I am very satisfied, thank you.

Ed*** B***

A wonderful dental clinic in one word, consisting of a friendly and smiling team who do their work with perfect dedication.
I would like to thank my specialist Sıla and her amazing team for doing this job wholeheartedly, lovingly and with great care.
She is an extremely successful professional in dentistry.
So much so that we prefer Sıla every time, even though it is in Ankara rather than the clinics in Izmir.

Tu*** Ö***

Friendly, very good team at their job. The location is easily accessible, very close to the metro. The interior is spacious. I applied for the crookedness of my chin. I put wire. I was very satisfied. Thank you for your hard work.

So*** Ş***

Ortodonti tedavim için çok yer aradım ama Sıla hanımı duyup geldim hemn iyiki gelmisim cok memnunum tedavi sürecimi çene ameliyatı olmadan tek burda yapabildim cünkü iyi ki doktorumu buldum diyorum hem işinde başarısı için hemde ilgisi için çok teşekkür ederim Sıla Hanım hersey için

Ay*** A***

Sıla hocama tel tadavisi için başvurdum. İyi ki başvurdum. Tedavi sürecini detaylı anlatması, güleryüzlü olması, sürekliliği devam eden ilgisi… Her anlamda kendisine çok teşekkür ediyorum. İşinde gayet başarılı bir hekim.

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